Pay My Phone Bill

110 USD

Pay my cell phone bill. This is a one time payment. Think of all the times i use my phone to give you attention... twitter, emails, instagram, Skype etc

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Pay For My Mani/Pedi

100 USD

I get my nails done every 2-3 weeks. Keep them looking fresh by paying for my mani/pedi! I might even let you pick the color ;)

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Pay For My Internet

90 USD

If it weren't for the internet, you probably wouldn't know me! I gotta have those fast speeds to upload all those videos you love!

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Pay For My Car

821 USD

If you REALLY want to impress me, pay for my 2017 GT Mustang, I call her Eleanor. This will definitely earn you some attention!

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Pay For My Gas

80 USD

Eleanor only takes that premium! You know I like expensive things, of course my car only accepts the highest grade of gas! Help fill her up for me :)

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Pay For My Car Insurance

200 USD

Eleanor requires insurance, I can't even imagine if something happened to her! Help keep her safe and pretty, oh and me too ;)

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Send Me Shopping

1000 USD

A girl has to treat herself, regularly! Send me on a shopping spree. I will buy items such as: clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes, purses etc

Owner: Evelyn Milano

10 Minute Custom Video

300 USD

Non-nude 10 minute custom femdom fetish video. Email me your clip idea BEFORE purchasing for approval Clip will be delivered online within 30 days EXTRA FEES: Certain nail polish ($70) Topless ($200) ****YOU CAN FIND AND ADD TO YOUR CART THE EXTRA FEES IN MY STORE**** Email to discuss other add-ons and their fees.

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Nail Polish Personalization

70 USD

Pick the color nail polish you want me to wear for a custom clip

Owner: Evelyn Milano

Topless Fee

200 USD

Topless in a custom clip

Owner: Evelyn Milano

All used clothing and underwear is cleaned before shipping

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