Losers Dont Touch

Are you a loser or a real man? You're a fucking loser. You don't get these tits. You can't touch them. You will never get to motorboat them. You sit there drooling while staring at them, and you're okay with that. You know you don't deserve to touch these giant DDDs.

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BONUS CONTENT - Armpits Stench

Kally just got back from a hard work out.. and her pits are gross! Even she can smell them, so she knows you will enjoy their stench! She didn't even bother to shave it, so they're a little hairy, but of course you like that too! Come on armpit boy, why don't you take a wiff... see if you like it! Yeah, Kally knew you'd like it!

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Hey loser.. you actually BUY these videos? You put your hard earned cash towards bratty bitchy girls like me who would NEVER give you the time of day! You probably dont have a girlfriend, you just sit at home all day long on your computer and wanking off to girls like me! Tara Tied would never give you any attention, I love treating you like though, you eat it up don't you loser? Hahahaha

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BONUS CONTENT - Knocked Over

Oh goodness, look how tiny you are! I'm almost kind of creeped out, thats how tiny itty bitty you are! How did you get into my house? You're shouting something but I can't hear you all the way up here. I must be like a 300 story building to you. So many options, so little time. Maybe I'll lock you in a jar in my kitchen.. or put you in some soup! I do think it would be fun to fuck with you though! Shauna Ryanne hates little pathetic men!

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30 minute Skype Show

250 USD

30 Minute Private Skype Show with me. Non-nude femdom/fetish. Message me on Skype to arrange after purchase.

1 Month - Unlimited Texting

350 USD

Unlimited Chat/texting with me on Skype/Yahoo/KIK for 1 month. Text only, no calls.

10 Minute Custom Video

200 USD

Non-nude 10 minute custom femdom fetish video. Email me your clip idea immediately after purchase. Clip will be delivered online within 14 days.